22.03.2014: Крайстчерч, Новая Зеландия, CBS Canterbury Arena


01. A Warm Place
02. Somewhat Damaged
03. Letting You
04. Terrible Lie
05. March Of The Pigs
06. Piggy
07. Sanctified
08. Disappointed
09. Burn
10. The Beginning Of The End
11. Me, I'm Not
12. Copy Of A
13. Hand Covers Bruise
14. Beside You In Time
15. Gave Up
16. The Great Destroyer
17. The Hand That Feeds
18. Head Like A Hole
19. Hurt


Thank you so much Australia and New Zealand. Thank you #qotsa #brodydalle let's do this again. (at CBS Canterbury Arena)

Nine Inch Nails – Instagram [23.03.2014]

Thank you Australia, New Zealand, #QOTSA, and #BrodyDalle for a great tour. Next stop: Mexico City. #NIN2014

NIN Live 2014       NIN Live 2014




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Echoing the Sound: 2014.03.22 - Christchurch, New Zealand @ CBS Canterbury Arena

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