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Rob Sheridan
design, video, photography, illustration, info
tourist. photographs by rob sheridan. Rob's profile

Demonbaby Dot Com
Rob Sheridan's blog
Facebook: Rob Sheridan

Twitter: Rob Sheridan

Google+: Rob Sheridan

Twitter: demonbaby

band, email/links, gallery, music, news, rich words, video
Facebook: Filter

Twitter: Filter

MySpace: Filter

Buzznet: Filter

Facebook: Richard Patrick

Twitter: Richard Patrick

Army of Anyone
news, band, media, downloads, community, store
Official Site of Robin Finck
tour dates
Twitter: Robin Finck

The New Regime Official Website
videos, links
MySpace: The New Regime

Facebook: The New Regime

The New Regime Music Profile on IMEEM

Buzznet: The New Regime

Official Site of Justin Meldal-Johnsen
discography, biography, producing, songwriting, photos, links, contacs
MySpace: Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Twitter: Brett Bachemin

artists, mikros, news, boards, store, submissions, contact
42 Entertainment
the official website of ARGs' creator
Moment Factory
web tv, blog, shop, experience, media, arts
news, tour, bio, media, discography, contact, things will change
MySpace: Modwheelmood

Twitter: modwheelmood

Twitter: Alessandro Cortini

josh freese : since 1972

MySpace: Josh Freese

news, biography, bass tabs, gear, tour dates, reviews, press, photos, media, links, message board
MySpace: Goon Moon

Jerome Dillon
info, photos, chat
the North Side!
articles, gallery, comics, forums, glossary
gossip & news, medication mp3 blog, photography
MySpace: Buddyhead

Photos by Travis Keller

info, news
MySpace: Jubilee

MySpace: Clint Mansell

Twitter: Clint Mansell

Pop Will Eat Itself
pwei info, pwei product, pwei communications, pwei patrol, pwei press
:: tweaker :: Official Site of Chris Vrenna
news, forum, downloads, archive, links

Skinny Puppy
bio, news, tour, merchandise, links
news, merchandise, biography, tour dates, forum, mailing list
The Official Peter Murphy Site
lyrics & albums, just who is he, taking & giving, news, peter's room, photo album, tours
Saul Williams
the work, on tour, bio, news, merchandise, message board
Marilyn Manson
news, tour dates, video premiere, art, store
David Bowie
news, discourse, exclusives, store
Queens Of The Stone Age
news, store, gigs, vids, photos, albums, tones 4 phones, forum, links, fans, digital booklet
Foo Fighters
the band, media, discography, tour, community, store
Mark Romanek
news, bio, videos, spots, film, dvd, press, faq
bio, merch, tour, photos, links
news, tour, source, album, shop, chat, identity, further
A Perfect Circle
biography, reviews, tour, music, news, gallery, store
MySpace: Rich Fownes

The Dresden Dolls
news / calendar, gallery, music & video, press, bio & history, contact & mailing list & faq, links, closet, store
news, performance, cinema, refrain, learn, contact, myspace
Moving Units
news, music, shows, media, bios, store, contact, extras
TV On The Radio
news, tour, music, media, bio, sign-up, store, links
buy, news, correspond, dynasty, records / video, biography, gallery, exile / out
The PoPo

tour dates, shop, video, downloads, links, contact, myspace, facebook
news, tour, media, about, join, store, contact, networks, videos, photos
White Rose Movement
myspace, online shop
The Dandy Warhols
news, band, records, sounds, photos, video, shows, merch, join, fans, links, contact
MySpace: White Williams

Does It Offend You, Yeah?
live, releases, photos, shop, communities, tv, free download, bonus area, young offenders
MySpace: Crystal Castles

Blogspot: Deerhunter

MySpace: The Bug

noise, disco, fashion
news and shows, release and merchandise, gallery, bbs, links
MySpace: the naked and famous

MySpace: jaguar love

Jane's Addiction
news, band, tour, music, photos, videos, whores, merch
MySpace: Jane's Addiction

Facebook: Jane's Addiction

Twitter: Jane's Addiction

IMEEM: Jane's Addiction

iLike: Jane's Addiction

Perry Farrell
news, sounds, videos
Facebook: Perry Farrell

Twitter: Perry Farrell

Facebook: Dave Navarro

Twitter: Dave Navarro

Twitter: Eric Avery

Twitter: Stephen Perkins

Street Sweeper Social Club Official Website

Facebook: Street Sweeper Social Club

MySpace: Street Sweeper Social Club

iLike: Street Sweeper Social Club

YouTube: Street Sweeper Social Club

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT official site



Alec Empire official website
news, history, gallery, shop, links, credits
Facebook: Alec Empire


MySpace: Alec Empire

Mew Official Site

MySpace: Mew

YouTube: Mew

Eagles Of Death Metal

White Williams

Facebook: Mariqueen Maandig Reznor

Facebook: Mariqueen Maandig Reznor

Twitter: mariqueen


Google+: Mariqueen Reznor

Spotify: Mariqueen Maandig Reznor

West Indian Girl
recordings, videos, tours, fotos, contact, shoppe
Twitter: West Indian Girl

MySpace: West Indian Girl

I Will Never Be The Same
news, photos, links
MySpace: I Will Never Be The Same

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